caregiver serving food to an elderly lady

Step by Step In Home Care offers a multi-dimensional range of Home Care services. Through us, you can benefit from Homemaking, Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care:

Personal Care

  • Meal Prep
  • Bathing / Bed Bath
  • Grooming
  • Medication Reminder & Medication Administration
  • Assisting with Walking, Eating, Grooming, Oral Hygiene, and Dressing
  • Light House Keeping
  • 24/7 Care

After Care Surgery

  • Cosmetic
  • Eye/ Vision
  • Heart Surgery
  • Joint
  • Dental

Companion Care
This person will not provide hands-on care for the client (such as feeding and dressing) but will provide companionship, provide respite for the main caregiver, offer encouragement and perform light housekeeping tasks. Duties may include:

  • Washing dishes
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Light cleaning
  • Mopping and vacuuming
  • Changing bed linens
  • Watering plants
  • Preparing meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Recreational activities such as taking walks, playing games and reading
  • Performing miscellaneous errands
  • Taking care of pets
  • Taking the client to appointments


Grooming and personal hygiene are part of our everyday activities. Step by Step In Home Care knows that looking great starts within so the daily bath and the regular shaving cannot be taken out from your routines.

We help you with personal grooming tasks such as:

  • Bathing and Showering Assistance
  • Toileting Assistance
  • Assistance with Dressing and Clothing Selection
  • Assistance with Shaving and Hair Care

Meal Preparation

Step by Step In Home Care can provide you with home care staff who can prepare your meals at home.

Our caregivers understand how important it is for the client to maintain a balanced diet and to eat on time. Many of the clients we care for have medications to take with meals so it’s important that that is given consideration in planning meal times as well.

Meal Preparation Services include:

  • Nutritionist Coordination
  • Assistance with Preparing Meals
  • Medication Reminder & Medication Administration
  • Meal Planning
  • Checking Diet Restrictions (if any)
  • Mealtime Feeding Assistance
  • Checking Food Expiration Dates

Medication Reminder & Medication Administration
Your assigned caregiver from Step by Step In Home Care will remind you to take your meds on time – whether during meals, or in the middle of the day at certain hours prescribed by your doctor.

Taking your medications and complying with the medication therapy plan is critical in preserving your health. We will do all that we can to efficiently remind you when your medications need to be taken.

In addition to that, we can also remind you or your loved one when your meds supply needs a refill so you can ask your doctor for a prescription and have it filled by your pharmacist.

We understand the concerns that arise when dealing with the care of aging loved ones , post op patients , pediactrics , injuries . Caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s, a father who has trouble performing everyday activities, or a grandparent who needs regular attention can be stressful and often overwhelming. Step by Step In-Home Care offers a variety of home health care services that fit your family’s specific needs. Whether your loved ones require personal care and daily hygiene assistance, light housekeeping services, transportation, or simply companionship, the highly-experienced and compassionate staff at Step by Step In-Home Care is ready to assist.

Our staff is trained and qualified to provide excellent care, recuperative care after surgery, injury, or illness.

Step by Step In Home Care will proudly serve the cities and counties in the community we live in. Home Care services are available in:

  • Calvert
  • Charles
  • St. Mary’s

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency by the Department of Mental Hygiene , " Office of Health Care Quality ". RSA LIC #RSA4041

  • Great Mills, MDMonday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • Germantown, MDBy Appointment Only
  • Waldorf, MDBy Appointment Only
  • Annapolis , MDBy Appointment Only