DDA Services

Community Development Services (DDA)

Our service through CDS aids individuals we serve in developing and maintaining skills related to community membership through engagement in community-based activities with people without disabilities. We achieve this by providing:

  • Activities aimed at facilitating and promoting integration and inclusion in the participant’s chosen community
  • Provide resources for travel and transportation
  • Provide resources for Self-advocacy
  • Encourage local community events
  • Provide individuals the opportunity in Volunteering within a non-profit organization whose mission the participant’s supports
  • Provide individuals the opportunity in performing a paid or unpaid internship.

Nursing Support Services (DDA)

Our Registered and Delegating Nurses (RN/DN) are committed to providing custom nursing duties to participants we serve by conducting comprehensive assessments, routine review of medication administration, review of HRST, etc. These focuses on participant’s health and safety, thereby preventing practices with adverse outcomes. Services we provide include:

  • Nurse Consultation Services
  • Nurse Health Case Management Services
  • Nurse Case Management & Delegation Of Services

Personal Supports (DDA)

We provide personal support services in-home and in the community. Services provided in such settings are not limited to providing assistance with activities of daily living (ADL); skill building and development needed for community integration and independent living; medication administration and management; community safety and survival skills; assist with errands and groceries; provide resources for use of public transportation thereby encouraging and promoting social and leisure activities, etc.

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency by the Department of Mental Hygiene , " Office of Health Care Quality ". RSA LIC #RSA4041

  • Great Mills, MDMonday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • Waldorf, MDBy Appointment Only